V-612 Vinyl Cutting Machine
Designed exclusively for cutting 6' and 12' vinyl.
The V-612 is the best 6' and 12' vinyl cutting machine on the market today. It is designed so that one person can unroll, measure, re-roll, cut and wrap vinyl. Options and accessories are available to further increase productivity.

The V-612 will enable you to provide your customers with fast, neat, and more accurate service. All cutting can be done in a central location and off the floor, which opens up aisles and keeps products clean.

The heavy duty construction is designed for many years of dependable service and all component parts are of the highest quality. Some standard features include a Manual Cutter Clamp and Manual Lifters for rolling rolls off either end of the machine.

The V-612 is very easy to operate and requires very little maintenance.
Unskilled personnel can learn to operate and maintain this machine within a few hours. Installation is simple and can be done by your own personnel.

Optional Equipment

1 - Full Length Foot Cable on the Re-roll side allows for easy wrapping and taping of cut rolls.

2 - Power Cutter Clamp allows the clamp to be lowered with a switch instead of manually.

3 - Digital Meter instead of mechanical meter. (in feet and hundredths)

4 - Dual Preset Digital Meter allows the machine to slow down and stop precisely at a predetermined measurement. Measures in feet and hundredths. (available only on machines with variable speed)

5 - Variable Speed allows slow to fast rolling of vinyl instead of one set speed.

6 - Casters which allow the machine to be moved to different locations. Equipped with brakes to prevent movement.

7 - Pneumatic Tilt Cradle allows the cradle to be raised and lowered using an air cylinder instead of doing it manually. (Requires Air Compressor)

8 - Tilt Dolly for unloading cuts off of the machine.

9 - Pneumatic Tilt Dolly allows dolly to be raised and lowered using an air cylinder instead of doing it manually. (Requires Air Compressor)

10 - Paper Dispenser to accommodate 36" wide paper.

11 - V-6 Four Wheel Dolly for handling 6' rolls.


MACHINE SPEED 60 ft per minute 120 ft per minute
Load Side 1/2 HP 1 HP
Roll-Up 1/2 HP 1 HP
Cutter 1/3 HP
Load Dump 1/2 HP
Roll-Up Dump 1/2 HP
Motor-Protection Combination of fuses and overload relays
Reversing Starters (Saves wear and tear on all components)
All wiring is inside steel conduit and according to National Electrical Codes
Mechanical Standard


Digital LED counter with calibration for greatest accuracy, equipped with AC line filtration system to eliminate electrical interference on counter
Load 6.625" diameter x 5/16" thick
Roll-Up 6.625" diameter x 3/16" thick
Load 1 1/2" diameter
Roll-Up 1 1/2" diameter
Load #40
Roll-Up #40
Cutter #40
Dump #40


Cuts in both directions. Blade is never exposed, travels inside cutter clamp for safety
WEIGHT 2,200 lbs


115 volt AC, 1 phase, 30 amps


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