CV-1000 Carpet-Vinyl Cutting Machine
Truly superior in quality, speed and efficiency.
The CV-1000 is proven in performance to significantly reduce labor costs with fast, dependable and accurate handling of carpet and vinyl roll goods. One person can unroll, measure, remove telescoping, reroll (with or without core), cut wrap and discharge rolls in one smooth operation!

It is designed for high productivity and low maintenance. The heavy-duty construction insures many years of service. This machine is not equipped with pneumatics, which means that it will require less maintenance, and will save you the additional cost of an air compressor.
The CV-1000 can increase profits and pay for itself in a short period of time. A few of the ways it can do this are by:
a - reducing labor costs,
b - increasing your cutting production and efficiency,
c - providing a faster, neater, and more accurate service for your customers.

It can improve operating earnings via improved labor efficiency particularly with the will call orders. In addition, cutting can be done in a central location which opens up aisles for other inventory activity.

The CV-1000 is very easy to operate and unskilled personnel can be trained to operate it within a few hours. Installation and training is included in the purchase price.

Optional Equipment

1 - Power Traverse on the roll-up side of the machine for additional telescope removal and squaring cuts.

2 - Manual Spiral Wrapper for wrapping cut rolls with stretch film.

3 - Power Driven Spiral Wrapper allows the wrapper to move along the machine automatically.

4 - Single Phase Power instead of three phase power.

5 - 15' Capacity for cutting 15' wide carpet.

6 - Variable Speed allows slow to fast rolling.

7 - Dual Preset Digital Meter allows the machine to slow down and stop precisely at a predetermined measurement. Measures in feet and hundredths. (available only on machines with variable speed)

8 - Powered Cutter Clamp allows the clamp to be lowered with a switch instead of manually.

9 - 6' Power Inspection Area for inspecting carpet and vinyl.

10 - Face Up Vinyl Rolling for inspecting vinyl. Equipped with additional top measuring.

11 - Manual Core Dispenser for placing cores into the machine.

12 - Powered Core Dispenser allows cores to be placed into the machine by using a switch.

13 - 10' Power Load Table to automatically feed stock rolls.

14, 15 - Gravity Feed Load Table for manually loading stock rolls.
Available in 8' and 10' widths.

16 - 10' Power Cut Roll Accumulator for accumulating cut rolls.


MACHINE SPEED 90 ft per minute 180 ft per minute 280 ft per minute
Load Side 1 HP 2 HP 2 HP
Roll-Up 1 HP 2 HP 2 HP
Cutter 1/2 HP
Load Dump 1 HP
Roll-Up Dump 3/4 HP
Traverse 1/2 HP
Edge Sensor 1/2 HP
Motor-Protection Combination of fuses and overload relays
Reversing Starters (Saves wear and tear on all components)
All wiring is inside steel conduit and according to National Electrical Codes


Digital LED counter with calibration for greatest accuracy, equipped with AC line filtration system to eliminate electrical interference on counter
Load 8.75" diameter x 3/8" thick
Roll-Up 8.75" diameter x 3/8" thick
10.75" diameter x 3/8" thick
6.625" diameter x 3/16" thick
Load 1 1/2" diameter
Roll-Up 1 1/2" and 2" diameter
Load #50
Roll-Up #50-2
Cutter #40
Dump #60


Cuts in both directions. Blade is never exposed, travels inside cutter clamp for safety


WEIGHT 8,000 lbs



230 volt AC, 3 phase, 30 amps
480 volt AC, 3 phase, 20 amps


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