CV-10 Carpet-Vinyl Cutting Machine
The low cost, low maintenance machine with big, big benefits.
The CV-10 Cutting Machine is designed to reduce operating cost and increase profits by providing fast, dependable and accurate handling of carpet and vinyl. It is constructed of heavy duty, top quality materials and component parts. The base machine is equipped with a Manual Cutter Clamp and a Digital Measuring System.

The CV-10 has a polyurethane finish. Circuit blue (dark) is our standard color, however, other colors are available at no extra charge.

The standard CV-10 will accommodate stock carpet rolls 12' X 38" in diameter and cut rolls 12' X 32".

Optional Equipment

1 - Mechanically Assisted Roll-Up allows the carpet to be re-rolled by moving a hand lever to start the roll-up process, instead of manually tucking the carpet around a core.

2 - Full Length Foot Cables on both sides for wrapping and taping rolls.

3 - Reverse Rolling for rolling remnants face out.

4 - Casters which allow the machine to be moved to different locations. (Equipped with brakes to prevent movement)

5 - Load Side Power Dump for discharging stock rolls off the machine after a cut is made. This is done simply by turning a switch.

6 - 13'6" Capacity for cutting 13'6" wide carpet.

7 - 15' Capacity for cutting 15' wide carpet.

8 - Variable Speed Drives allow slow to fast rolling instead of one set speed.

9 - Dual Preset Digital Meter allows the machine to slow down and stop precisely at a predetermined measurement. Measures in feet and hundredths. (Available only on machines with variable speed drives)

10 - Spiral Wrapper Attachment for up to 36" wide stretch film, which travels along the roll-up side of the machine for wrapping cut rolls.


MACHINE SPEED 36 ft per minute 75 ft per minute
Load Side 3/4 HP 1 HP
Roll-Up 3/4 HP 1 HP
Cutter 1/3 HP
Load Dump 3/4 HP
Motor-Protection Combination of fuses and overload relays
Reversing Starters Saves wear and tear on all components
All wiring is inside steel conduit and according to National Electrical Codes


Digital LED counter with calibration for greatest accuracy, equipped with AC line filtration system to eliminate electrical interference on counter
Load 6.625" diameter x 3/16" thick
Roll-Up 6.625" diameter x 3/16" thick
Load 1 1/4" diameter
Roll-Up 1 1/4" diameter
Load #40
Roll-Up #40
Cutter #40
Dump #50
CUTTER Cuts in both directions.
Blade is never exposed, travels inside cutter clamp for safety
WEIGHT 2,300 to 2,500 lbs
POWER REQUIREMENT 110 volt AC, 1 phase, 30 amps

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